If picking up trash with some kids, maybe don’t let them bring a bowling ball!

We were picking up trash one day on the side of the road in Victorville and we found a bowling ball.  It was just me and maybe 4 teenage boys that day.  I thought nothing of it and we threw the bowling ball in the back of the truck I was using to transport the bags of trash away from the roadside.  We kept picking up trash for about another hour.  Just the end of a normal day.  


Well, we stopped later at a grocery store where I had decided to purchase ingredients for sandwiches.  The boys got out and I turned my head for a second and when I looked back, one of the boys had gotten the bowling ball out of the back of the truck and was pretending to be about to throw it down hard at the ground at his feet.  I looked at him and thought it was humorous, and he kid of tossed it down really softly.  I thought nothing of it, turned my head and when I looked back it was rolling across the parking lot and headed directly towards the street traffic.  


The ball literally went between 4 cars between the front and back tires in a perfect synchronization like a frogger video game from the mid 80’s.  It hit nothing and landed in the gutter across 4 lanes of traffic.  Note to self, do not bring bowling balls in vehicles with teenage boys on juvenile probation.